Governance: quality supervision like a film director – 5435

In most business processes there’s the “Demand” and “Supply” side of the game. The interests of those parties must be glued together. An important new role is the “quality supervisor”. He takes control of the digital assurance for the complete chain of systems that supports the business process. Since the quality supervisor has no direct hierarchical power he must put effort in setting up a quality and testing policy that all parties agree with and adhere to. And for each specific test he draws up an integral plan.
Information Technology has become a commodity, an organization can’t please it’s customers by just IT anymore. To really make the difference you need Business Technology, that is integrating the technology and business process in such way that it exceeds your customer’s expectations. A nice example is the way you order a taxi using the uber app, compare this to the way you had to search for a taxi only a few years ago!
How can you make sure all parties involved in such a complex business process meet the desired quality level and, moreover, that the business process as a whole is of sufficient quality? Enter the new role of the quality supervisor.
As in any chain of systems the quality is determined by the weakest link. So even the weakest link should at least match the quality level that you have defined.
Quality supervisor is not a management role. It’s more like guidance and supervision. How does the quality supervisor get all parties to adhere to the policy and plan? By acting in the same manner a film director does. Tell people what the goal of the business process is (the customer expectation), give guidance about what tasks everyone involved should execute to check the quality and give detailed instructions to the people that are, for whatever reason, not able to perform on their own.
This approach of directing people and supervising the quality control of the business process will deliver successful Business Technology results.