How smart is your test automation solution?

Dear UKSTAR Committee members,
You will find attached a few highlights from my presentation. All learnings shared will be backed up with real life stories and concrete examples. Enjoy reading!

About me and my context:
In the last 3 years I had the opportunity to work in 2 different environments when comes to testing/quality approach:
a) Testers embedded within Product teams. Testers are gatekeepers. UI test automation with Java+Selenium.
b) Test Automation Engineers act as consultants for developers and they are doing Test Automation evangelising within Technology organisation. Developers are responsible of the quality of the products shipped to production.

My talk will cover: lessons learned while implementing different test automation solutions, challenges during those journeys and solutions tried.
Take away: ideas and examples of possible actions towards a successful test automation solution or they might find out what’s holding them back.

Key points:
The main lesson learned during my last assignments is: I have to challenge my beliefs and I have to challenge the existing test automation solution even though it was “the best” when we started to implement it.

Please see the attachment for more!