Amy Phillips

Company: MOO

Role in Company: Engineering Manager

Country: United Kingdom

Speaker Biography

Amy Phillips is an Engineering Manager with a testing background. After experiencing the value that a well-managed Agile team can bring to software delivery Amy became passionate about helping teams adopt appropriate Continuous Delivery and DevOps practices to help them deliver quality, user-oriented products within the shortest possible time.

Presentation Description

Few projects need an endless supply of new tests, and even fewer people would be happy with a job that only involved writing tests. Happily projects and companies change over time and lead to almost all of us experiencing times when we can see better ways of doing things, with tests, processes, or even whole organisational structures. In this talk Amy will use her real life experiences of implementing Continuous Delivery and DevOps processes to explore the exciting, and difficult world of organisational change.

You’ll come away with tips to successfully spot opportunities for improvement. We’ll cover who to tell, when to do it, and how to make sure your change has the best chance of being successful.

Whether you’re a practitioner or manager this talk will provide you with the tools you need to lead your own successful organisational change journey.