How we tested smart and paid back the debt

To compete in the Big Data telecoms market it was necessary for our project to switch from a Continuous Integration model of delivering release quality code to building a Proof of Concept in a very short space of time. Our Product Owner identified a number of key customers who were likely to buy and he needed a GUI demo built quickly with a set of completely new features.
We needed to decide how we were going to test the new features quickly and what parts of our Continuous Integration system would be useful. At the outset, the project decided it was important to track the amount of Technical and Quality Debt we were going to accrue throughout the project.
The presentation outlines the work we undertook to pay back both Technical and Quality debt “overdraft” from building the demo to deliver in full release quality mode.
Also the lessons we learnt along the way. These included the impact of our choice of tools and infrastructure in helping us switch from Release mode to PoC mode and back again. In addition, that active management of tech and quality debt is key to the success of a project of this kind.