Artem Vasiuk

Company: Scalepoint

Role in Company: Test Manager

Country: Denmark

Presentation Takeaways

1. Get inspired to run Security Testing initiative in your project, team and company
2. Learn about existing models, standards, guidelines and more, for building Basic and Advanced Security Testing Process
3. Deploy Secure Development Lifecycle in your team

Speaker Biography

For the last 8 years, I have been working as a Test Manager in a Danish company Scalepoint. During this quite large period I was responsible for delivering improvements in both manual and automated testing areas. In recent time, as we introduce Continuous Everything in our process, requirements to Quality Assurance have got even more tight. To prevent ‘inventing a wheel’ I try to re-use well known tools, standards and process models to save time and money during development. And that’s something I am willing to share with others.

Presentation Description

In recent times, more companies started to prioritize Security Testing practice in their development teams. It caused managers and engineers to seek for ideas, tools and process models that assist in building it in a proper way. In my presentation, I would like to share our challenges and experience in building Security Testing process from the scratch within Agile teams. This talk may help you to get practical knowledge about where and how to start your Software Security Strategy.