Dan Ashby & Hannah Mason

Company: AstraZeneca & Festicket

Role in Company: "Global Head of Software Quality and Testing" & "Quality & Test Analyst"

Country: United Kingdom

Presentation Takeaways

1. Lessons learned in learning
2. Lessons learned in teaching and mentoring
3. Info about the Software Testing Clinic!

Speaker Biography

Dan: " Dan Ashby (@DanAshby04) is the Global Head of Testing in AstraZeneca’s ALS team. Dan’s been in the testing world for a long time, working on a wide variety of products from printer software/hardware/firmware, to web and mobile apps and sites of all different shapes and sizes. He is passionate about context-driven testing and agile, and is currently focused on promoting software testing as a service internally within AstraZeneca, while coaching/training people in software testing and agile all over the world. Dan is heavily involved in various testing communities and regularly speaks at conferences. He also blogs (danashby.co.uk), is the co-host of the Testing in the Pub podcast series (testinginthepub.co.uk) and runs the Software Testing Clinic workshops within London (softwaretestingclinic.com). " Hannah: " Healthcare Professional turned fledgling Software Tester. Maker of lists. Always looking for the edge cases. "

Presentation Description

The Software Testing Clinic has been running for a number of months now. It offers a free, safe environment for testers of all levels of experience to come and learn about testing, and offers a space for more experienced testers to get into mentoring.

Dan and Hannah will share their experiences from both perspectives of the mentor and the student:
– Dan’s perspective regarding setting up the clinic, organising each session with lesson plans, teaching/presenting and mentoring at each event.
– Hannah’s perspective relating to being new to the software testing industry, learning the craft through each clinic session, joining a thriving testing community and obtaining a testing job, kick-starting her testing career.

In this session, you’ll hear stories about the clinic sessions, and lessons learned from both sides of the coin. You’ll hear about what helped with learning, and what helped with teaching. And if you are looking to get into teaching and mentoring, then you get to hear about a safe space to practice and get some great tips about mentoring. Or if you are looking to learn more about testing, then you get to hear about a cool, safe environment to come and learn in and how it has helped others so far.


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