Independent tester – a game changer – 5477

“I don’t need a software tester!”

Strong words coming to a new software tester from an experienced developer. This is one of the developers that I respect and admire very much. One who understands testing more than most that I have had a chance to work with.

Actually, he is absolutely certain that he needs a software tester!

What he was trying to explain is that there is a need for much more than a tester who will simply do scripted testing and checking – a need for independent tester, a game changer. Today, more than ever, project requires a wide range of skills from testers in order to succeed. And, simply put, the new tester is not aware of all the challenges lying ahead.

Each project has its own, unique context. So, in order to deliver it on time and fulfill the expectations we need to learn that context and adapt ourselves to it.

Embracing the fact that software testers could act as an independent service in that context have helped me: to start influencing the development process, to start changing the culture and dynamics of the development team, start influencing the customer’s mindset and act as a stronger link between them and a development team.

This session is a result of the quest for the concepts (i.e. collaboration, feedback, pairing, experimentation) that lead toward the more productive work and project environment. Learn about them and start influencing your projects, shape your environment and become a game changer!