Innovation doesn’t wait for resources. You shouldn’t either. – 5441

Application delivery teams are under constant pressure to release quality features as quickly as possible in order to keep up with accelerated demands from the business. To meet these demands, development and test teams adopt modern practices, methodologies, and technologies like agile, DevOps, and containerization, but these initiatives are often only scalable around cloud-native applications. Teams supporting complex traditional applications—and their years of customizations and integrations—are forced to deal with bottlenecks around shared resources and long wait times around environment provisioning. These constraints result in poor test coverage and long test cycles that grind innovation to a halt.

In this session, we’ll examine common constraints teams face, and how some of the world’s leading enterprise dev/test teams eliminated these constraints by building “hybrid applications” that blend the best components traditional applications with new cloud services and technologies. You’ll take home the “4 Cs of agility in the cloud” framework that helps bring dev/test inefficiencies to light while learning how an environments-first mindset allows for continuous testing that delivers higher quality code and added business value in every release.