Internet of Pets – risks, challenges and flying snacks

IoT world grows by 30% every year (up to 25 billion(!) devices till 2025) and that’s just a matter of time when some of us will have to…get back to the past. Many of the current testers very soon will start their adventure with real hardware devices. It also means more and more complicated integration with modern services and technologies (Amazon DRS, Alexa, Behavioral Recognition, vision processing, AI, ML and many more).

What are the limitations encountered in such conditions? What are the main challenges and what a modern tester should know before she or he starts their testing game? And finally, how to find yourself in a testing environment when Time to Market statement has paramount importance in terms of building business models?

During my presentation, I’ll show how current challenges and risks will change the how to deal with them. I’ll also present the way to easier identify and mitigate them. All of that in the context of pet cameras, snack launchers* and lasers…in other words – IoP (Internet of Pets) world. All dogs and cats are warmly welcomed!

*Presentation consists of a live demo with flying sweets