Introduction to Outside-in-development

BDD or Behaviour Driven Development has become a popular approach in promoting a shared understanding and gaining clarity of the problems that need to be solved across teams. At the core of BDD, teams are encouraged to engage in collaborative discussions, before capturing and automating examples that come out of the discussions.

But often Testers misunderstand BDD, favouring the tools over the conversations and misinterpreting the automation side of BDD as a test automation strategy rather than a means to guide development. This results in slow, brittle automation that provides little value to anyone in the team.

However, learning about the Outside in Development approach and how testing can support the approach can benefit both Testers and Developers. In this session we will look at how Testers can help support Developers in the automated test side of BDD and look at how automating captured examples from collaborative discussions can:

* Help guide teams in the delivery of new features
* Clearly define a definition of done for Developers
* Enable developers to deliver testable products
* Help reduce rework of features

By the end of this session, participants will be able to:
* Describe the Outside-in-Development approach
* Describe the main features of Cucumber-JVM
* Construct failing automated tests to develop production code against
* Demonstrate how to assist developers in delivering production code that is relevant to users needs
* Distinguish the difference between Outside-in-Development and Test automation and how they form a wider strategy together