Let’s Share the Testing!

In the world of DevOps and Continuous Delivery how can we, as Software Testers, adapt to continue to add value within our teams?

Within my cross-functional Agile team, the testing activity had become the bottleneck. The ‘To Do’ cards on my Kanban board were piling up. As the sole test specialist within my team I felt as if I was preventing us from being able to release code to our live environment. Frustrated, we got together as a team to discuss how we could fix this problem.

Our solution? I was going to share my exploratory and automated testing knowledge with the team. We were going to test throughout the development process. We could design test plans and discuss technical challenges together. We were going to collaborate on the testing effort. My role as the test specialist was going to evolve, which made me nervous.

In this talk I’m going to share how my team removed the testing bottleneck, increased productivity and started to become truly cross-functional team members.