Kinga Witko

Company: New Voice Media

Role in Company: Software Tester

Country: Poland

Presentation Takeaways

1. accessibility testing, mobile applications

Speaker Biography

A girl in IT. An experienced software tester. Cat-lover. Fantasy books fan. I live and work in Wrocław (Poland). I love breaking mobile applications. I am interested in user experience and its implementation in making great software. I am also fan of agile methodologies, curious about novelties in astronomy and new technologies.

Presentation Description

A friend of mine – Basia – is blind, but she works and lives a normal life.

She also uses a smartphone. The way she does that is completely different from ‘traditional’ usage! It is definitely worth to see. In her case – audio prompts are the only way of replacing: navigation, buttons, colors and splash screens. She uses her voice instead of fingers on the touch screen.

My story is about discovering new fields of software testing. I worked as a mobile tester, but had no idea how accessibility testing is important. I would like to share it with other IT people and let them think about it.

My story is also about brave woman, who wants to use software as any other person, but most of the time she can’t. From time to time, she feels excluded, because someone forget about her needs during development or testing.

There is 1 billion people with disabilities, who might be the users of your application – either web or mobile. Basically, it depends on your testing, if they would feel comfortable with that or not.

This session is one of three stories presented by three different people in a storytelling track.