Mind maps to support Exploratory Testing: An a team approach – 5465

This presentation is about how mind maps are used to support exploratory testing in an interdisciplinary team. Claudia will share how mind maps help the team to have a common understanding of what to test, and how mind maps are designed by the team in a way that they can easily be read and understood regardless who created them. She will also present how mind maps are re-used through the different releases. At the end of the presentation, Claudia will share what they have learned as a team when applying this testing strategy.

This story is set during the process of building a multi-platform UI prototyping tool (mainly) for Interaction Designers. It covers a six-year period during which there have been nine major releases and several intermediate releases. The team, fully dedicated to building the product, consists of highly qualified and experienced professionals: developers (7), interaction designers (1), visual designers (1), technical writers (1), and testers (1).