Mobile test automation in digital banking

Mobile banking is evolutionary changing how people are performing their daily financial operations.
Banking becomes efficient and frictionless and takes the experience to the next level where customers can enjoy interacting with their banks.
These mobile banking applications are driven by the latest technologies, which provide customers with features like real time transactions, control over security of their accounts and payment cards, new way of payments such as mobile wallets, virtual cards and many others.
Developing mobile banking applications requires robust testing process which will prevent defects but also play a very important part in being compliant with regulation standards.
Test automation of mobile applications is solving particular challenges in the testing process.
In this talk, Milan will share his experience in mobile test automation at N26. How can you start, what are the key attributes to consider when defining automation principles.
He will explain how to design mobile test automation framework, what are the tools he has been using and how to learn and improve over time.
We will hear also what are the challenges in mobile test automation in digital banking and how to overcome them.