Modern Development – Don’t Forget Quality Assurance and Quality Control – 5440

I am very fortunate to have spent time on many projects/products with lots of organisations and so I wanted to share my experiences and what I have seen.

Development today looks very different to 20 years ago, with many organisations switching to the Agile development methodology and it can feel like the whole world is moving very quickly. In reality, though, it’s the individuals who come up with ideas, and determine how an organisation and its projects develop, and the Agile methodology is better at allowing these individuals to pull the organisational ship in the right direction, it’s these individual “tug boats” that are able to move around quickly that help change the directions of the big ships.

Agile together with emerging new technologies, techniques and practices are changing (I believe for the better) not only what software we produce but also how we produce it. Beware though, it is not all plain sailing…

In this talk I will explore how such practices as Test Driven Development and Behaviour Driven Development assist with quality assurance, who is responsible for them and what they entail.