Not Only Cars: “AI, Please Test My App”

Autonomous cars were a Scifi dream not 10 years ago. A computer driving a car? No way. But in May of 2014, Google did the impossible, and launched autonomous cars in Nevada. What was considered impossible, just happened. In this talk, I explore the technologies used by autonomous cars, and see how these same technologies are applicable to Autonomous Testing.

I first introduce the 5 levels of autonomous driving, and explore the techniques and technologies used to achieve each level of autonomy. Technologies like LIDAR, machine learning, Neural networks, Convolutional Neural Networks, are explained in a clear and simple manner, and the connection between them and autonomous driving is explored.

I introduce the 5 levels of autonomous testing, and create parallels between them and the 5 levels of autonomous driving. Through these parallels I explore what it means to do autonomous testing, and how the same technologies can be used to create AI-s that help testers write automated tests.
This talk will show that AI in testing is not something to be feared, but rather something to look forward to, a tool to be used in the future. A tool that will probably alleviate most of the boredom inherent in the field. And a tool that will make software testers better, and not obsolete.