olistic Testing Holistic Testing: Testing Software is not enough

The production of software products is a lengthy and complex process, involving lots of people communicating through different media. One of the last steps in this process is the production of code, the output of which we test. However, this is an inefficient use of quality-focussed resource; attempting to find and fix defects after they have been introduced, when they’re hardest to find and most expensive to fix.
Modern software testers are well placed to expand their testing focus and experience, and apply it to the organisation that designs and produces the product, rather than just to the product itself. By raising defects agains the organisation, the sources of errors in information transmission and translation that lead to software defects can be identified and managed.
This differs from the traditional Quality function by embedding that focus into teams, closer to the required information and reality of team dynamics, where its effect can be more valuable and more readily accepted.
Part of the talk will identify the sources of defects as information travels through a software organisation, and suggest how to address these.