Open yourself to A.I.

As Artificial Intelligence is gaining more attention, my team also wanted to make use of it. We started by looking at other teams solutions. The most common approach was to use various chat-bots.
The first step was to use chat-bot in key-word driven testing. As the work on PoC progressed, we noticed that this solution will not fit our needs. Moreover it will cost us a lot and we simply could not afford it. We abandoned chat-bots and looked for other AI-based tools useful in testing. Unfortunately most of them also came with a price. Either cost of a purchase of cost of learning and deployment.
Just when we wanted to abandon use of artificial intelligence in our project, one colleague boasted about what he was doing at the university. Developing tool called KNIME, to make use of it in the software development. Simple, but powerful, open source tool. Thanks to it, with little knowledge we could use defect prediction. Exactly what we needed to improve our quality by shifting far left, preventing defects before they even occur; boosting effectiveness of test team by helping them with prioritization and getting read of most obvious bugs.
In my presentation I would like to describe the path of introducing machine learning into our project and what did we learn in the process.