Professional Play

There is so much to learn about testing that sometimes it can be overwhelming to me. Whether it’s the latest book, podcast, conference session or workshop, information about testing is expanding at an ever increasing rate. Eventually I find myself bogged down with an excess of information and not enough time to put it into practice.
So I started looking into Test Games. These are games either designed to apply testing concepts or ones that by happy coincidence are perfect examples of test mentality. I’ve enjoyed them very much in the last two years and am working on creating one of my own this year as a hobby.
I want to walk participants through the brainstorm, design, testing and ultimate development of a test game, and show them how they can take their ideas and create a fun learning tool of their own. In this workshop we’ll play a few testing games, run some of our own tests on them, and go through all the steps to rapidly bring their ideas to life as a game.
Participants do not need to bring special equipment but bringing an idea or concept you want to develop into a game is highly recommended.