Vlad Romanenko

Company: Badoo

Role in Company: Senior iOS QA engineer

Country: United Kingdom

Presentation Takeaways

1. We will learn what could irritate user and how an app lives on the user device
2. We will explore how to collaborate with the developer and help them
3. We will understand some of the developers’ pains

Speaker Biography

I’m a QA engineer with a solid geographical background. At about 3 years ago I decided to drastically change my field of occupation: thus after calm land management I plunged into the raging sea of software testing. Now, my experience includes testing mobile Android and iOS apps; web sites & backend testing. I have hands on testing experience within an Agile environment and BDD methodology. Last year I tried being a test lead on a project with a team of 7 QA-engineers. At the moment I'm in London :) and work as a QA engineer for Badoo iOS app. I like conferences & other testing events for the chance to meet new people and share the valuable knowledge. I mean that 3 times I was a speaker at international SQA Days testing conference, as well as at the local meet-ups; volunteered at European testing conference; got the first prizes at Testathon, itchallenges.me, Android QA battle. Besides, I successfully passed ISTQB Test Analyst exam (2016) and now implementing the gained knowledge.

Presentation Description

I believe that QA engineer could do much more that just tapping the device screen and exploring how the UI responds. So, let’s take an iOS app, xCode with Instruments and see which information could be retrieved. Energy log, Time Profiler, Activity Monitor… all these items might sound messy for the first time, but let me show you how beneficial their use could be for the testing and for the quality of the product.
In the talk I’ll briefly describe additional features which are crucial for the end user but may slip away from the tester’s eye. After, I’ll demonstrate how you as a QA engineer can test it, analyze and improve. Finally, we’ll discuss whether QA needs all these things or we intrude into iOS developer territory.