Laurent PY

Laurent PY

Company: Hiptest

Role in Company: Product manager

Country: France

Presentation Takeaways

1. Focusing on value delivered instead of planning
2. Leverage analytics in your testing process
3. Transform testing from a necessary bottleneck into a powerful approach to align and motivate teams

Speaker Biography

I’ve spent 15+ years in Software Development. I am now product manager at Hiptest Inc. In this role I lead the product development of a new platform in the cloud for DevOps teams using BDD and ATDD. Passionate about lean startup and agile methodology I quickly realized that testing correctness does not necessarily improve the customer experience so I started to focus on testing value first.

Presentation Description

Over the past few years, my team has moved from a release every 2 weeks to continuous deployment (between 5 to 10 times a day) and DevOps. The team faces new challenges in terms of testing but also has new exciting opportunities.

In some contexts, it is better to deploy a feature quickly, test its behavior in production and then optimize it once all assumptions made during development are validated. It’s the “build, test and learn” motto. During this talk I will share how the shift left and shift right have completely change the way my team envision testing.

We answer the following questions when it comes to test a new feature:

1) What should we build?
This is where I’ve found Behavior Driven Development – BDD – a very powerful approach. It enables to align the team on the definition of what we should build. We also define the impact and business assumptions related to the feature as part of the “done”. That’s the shift left

2) Is it worth?
Now that we have the feature/prototype in the hands of real users we measure if the business assumptions are met. We measure usage and, as importantly, we have a real-time user feedback with live chat. Whenever the answer is “no value”, then we throw away the code together WITH the tests and iterate again…

3) How to automate and scale?
Experiment was successful. Now it is time to invest more in testing to ensure the service is delivered at scale: automate the BDD scripts, do some performance testing… In production we typically monitor two characteristics: performance and usability. We also leverage continuously real-time user feedback. That’s the shift right

At each step of the process I’ll share examples and tools that we use.

Our testing process leverages BDD and analytics to define the value we want to deliver and to measure it. These two approaches are very powerful and enables us to invest progressively on quality and correctness as the value is being validated.


Vincent Pretre


With a 10+ years experience, Vincent Pretre is a co-founder of Hiptest. He is specialized in web-development and is also the creator and main contributor of the open source framework Hiptest-publisher.

He has been speaker in several conferences to share his experience about testing and behavior driven development.