Should you build your own tools? – 5470

Why talk about tools?
– To share my experience on working in teams that built their own tools
– To help people not to make the same mistakes i have made
– Because tools are a big part of our lives, whether we realize that or not

Why we need tools?
– I like what Michael Bolton said: “Tools amplify and intensify and extend whatever we are.”
– To make our lives easier
– Using tools helps us achieve the same results, if not better in a faster time
– Without tools we wouldn’t be able to create the world we live in.

Why build your own tool?
– Because you build what you need
– The tool will integrate better with your system
– Because you can learn new technologies while on the same project 🙂

Should you buy the tools that does what you need?
– If buying is cheaper than building, yes
– Sometimes you don’t have a choice as it is company wide -> it shouldn’t stop you from building a tool that better suits your needs

Open source tools are also a good choice
– No need to always build your own tool if you can find one to improve on
– Spending time on the net to search for what you need, especially if it is free, can be worth it

Team effort
– Get your team involved, good ideas can come from talking with other people
– Developers in your team have skills that you might lack
– Your tool should serve the entire team not just you
– Get involved and don’t let others do all the work