Viv Richards

Company: Vizolution

Role in Company: Senior Test Engineer

Country: United Kingdom

Presentation Takeaways

1. Gain an understanding of why relying on just manual testing alone can be an issue.
2. How too much end to end UI automation can have a negative impact on your feedback loops.
3. Learn what visual testing is, how it can help to replace some of your UI automation, some common pitfalls, and ways to overcome them.

Speaker Biography

Viv Richards is a senior test automation engineer, a blogger and a community bumble bee. In his spare time he enjoys teaching children to code as a CodeClub volunteer as well as bringing communities together to share skills and knowledge by organising local meet-up's as well as organising South Wales largest agile and developer conference.

Presentation Description

This session looks at common issues with just relying on end to end automation testing tools, using examples to demonstrate common pitfalls and how visual testing can help add another tool to your tool belt.

The talk looks at why we automate tests, the issue with just manually testing, common end to end automation pitfalls, a brief introduction to visual testing and finally a look at common issues with visual testing and ways to overcome them.

Through the use of interactive examples the audience will gain an understanding of why relying on just manual testing can become an issue and how too much automation has a negative impact by looking at testing anti-patterns. The audience will also learn what visual testing is, what tools are available, some of the common pitfalls of using visual testings as well as tips on ways to overcome them based on experience of creating a custom visual test framework at my current employer.