Test Automation – Cost Savior loses its magic if principles ignored

The word automation cannot necessarily mean by default always be perfect and fast as per its name, you need to work on its principles to enjoy its cost saving fruits. Newton’s law states that “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”, I believe the same applies to Test Automation. In this talk, I want to talk about my experiences and challenges undertaken while improving Test Automation framework.

A Test Automation framework was built to test web application consisting of 180+ web pages. It had become a mammoth with execution time of approx. 3.5 hrs over a period of months. The Automation Framework was built using standard Automation Tools such as Selenium Webdriver / Cucumber(BDD) within the Agile Team.
Reintroducing Automation principles and using some innovative tricks helped to reduce the above mammoth into a real gem with execution time of 18 mins from 3.5 hrs and successfully added it as a part of the continuous integration and delivery pipeline – a must of agile deliveries nowadays.

I will discuss the TIPS/Tricks which have been used to reduce the execution time. Also, I would like to share the lessons learned and how we had earned the lost confidence in Automation Tests.