Jochen Gyssels

Company: CTG

Role in Company: Solution Architect

Country: Belgium

Presentation Takeaways

1. Understanding Test Data Management and the impact of data regulations on Testing
2. It's time for organizations to get fit for the test data marathon

Speaker Biography

Jochen Gyssels is a Solution Architect working for CTG Belgium, focusing on Testing and related DevOps solutions. He has an IT tooling and automation background and had always a strong enthusiasm for continuous improvement and achieving technical excellence. Jochen's passion for design and technology drives him to share technical expertise and innovative IT insights, in order to support organizations attaining performance.

Presentation Description

For most runners, a marathon is not just 42km of physical endurance. It means months and months of arduous, painstaking preparation until the deadline arrives. New regulations, such as the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) can be seen as an important deadline and trigger for many organizations to change the way of managing data. These privacy regulations can be identified as being benificial for end users, but also organizations should see them as a great opportunity. One great thing, is the inevitable way organizations are now forced to bring up Test Data Management to the table. Since years, proper management of data in non-production environments has been highly underrated. Time has finally come to make this change and to implement effective solutions, such as masking or synthetic data. Testing will be impacted. It’s time to get fit for the test data marathon. Let’s take a look at an effective test data marathon training schedule.