Test leadership in agile world

Software testing has changed significantly in the last decades with the raise of Agile approach and many organizations adopting it to software development.

In an Agile world, teams are moving faster, reducing the time to market and still aiming to improve the quality of each release. The Agile approach also means that different skills are involved in the testing process.

If we look back in the past decade, testing is shifting to the left, where software developers are being present in testing cycle from the early beginning.

As the outcome, we have test engineers and developers working together in the testing process. That simplifies the testing flow, makes it more liquid and eliminates dependencies. It also helps when it comes to automation in testing.

In this talk, Milan will share his experience of establishing testing processes in an agile organization. He will explain what are the challenges in getting different people profile together and having them working on building the highest quality software.
We will hear what is the role of a Test Lead in Agile organization and how this differentiate from the past. We will also hear how to grow and empower people to develop healthy quality culture.