Tester in charge – Judge, jury & executioner – 5468

Let us take a different look at software testing process. Imagine it is a trial. A defendant – software. The goal of this trial is to determine if presented software or piece of software is guilty of poor quality. Who will be the prosecutor? Who will defend it? And who will be the judge on this trial? Can one person play some of those roles? I would like to share my own experience in the field with some lessons coming out from the comparison between the court trial and software testing.

I want to share with participants my insights on topics like:

* What are the rules in court that apply to software testing?
* Is tester more like a prosecutor, a judge or both?
* Who has the ultimate power to decide upon software fate?
* How flexible should tester be in his/her responsibilities?
* What can tester be accountable of?
* Will quality defend itself?
* For whom testers do their job?

Join the presentation and enjoy it performed by the speaker in Polish judge robe.