Testers DO NOT have to know how to do automation to survive as a modern tester.

Virtually every testing job spec I get sent at the moment seems to be asking for an automation tester, and I’m getting a little fed up with it. I believe the people writing these job specs have completely missed the point of what a tester does, and what a tester adds to a team and to a project. It’s obviously imperative that new functionality has good automation behind it – but that’s work for the team to do – not the tester by themselves.
The major issue I have with this point of view is that automation is a time-consuming business, but it’s something that can be done by any of the developers in the team (preferably all of them) – I want the tester in the team to be concentrating on finding the limits of the software, exploratory testing it, thinking about the up-coming work and using their extensive knowledge of the product to look at it with a more holistic viewpoint. I want my software to be tested by someone whose biggest worry is whether it does what the customer wants and needs. I don’t want it to be tested by someone whose major worry is how they’re going to automate it.