Eddy Bruin

Company: Loopforward

Role in Company: Test Coach

Country: Netherlands

Presentation Takeaways

1. Learn to improve your test scope based on what you know about your cuustomers
2. Learn to apply 8 free of cost practices to know your customer
3. Improve testing by working together with UX designers

Speaker Biography

Eddy is a passionate quality engineer working for 10 years in software testing of which 6 years in agile projects. His goal is to share experiences, failures and successes in delivering high quality software while having fun doing so. Besides being a tester he coaches teams en individuals to become more quality minded. This year Eddy also is the TestLab Master at Eurostar and gives workshops in serious game development.

Presentation Description

In the end your software will be used by multiple people. But how do you know these end users can or will actually use your product? What do you actually know about this user and how to optimize your software for this users? In this session I take you on a journey on how we got to know your customers. You will learn about 8 cheap or even free practices you can use to learn to know your customers and en users and improve your software with it.