Nicholas Hjelmberg

Company: Systembolaget

Role in Company: Requirements and Test Manager

Country: Sweden

Presentation Takeaways

1. Learning is not about how to DO but how to THINK

Speaker Biography

Nicholas Hjelmberg is a test and requirements manager at Systembolaget in Stockholm. Prior to Systembolaget, Nicholas has developed his IT skills as a senior consultant at SQS and Accenture and his finance skills as a controller at Softronic. Nicholas has also delivered speeches at EuroSTAR and designed board games about learning testing. Nicholas’ expertise is within quality assurance and testing. His experience covers the quality effort from business case to deployment as well as quality strategies on program and corporate level. He has led large technical and functional test teams in implementations of complex system solutions, often in close cooperation with clients, 3rd party suppliers and offshore resources. Nicholas’ functional domain is Finance and Business Intelligence and his industrial domain is Banking and Telecom. Nicholas has a CEMS Master’s in International Management from Stockholm School of Economics and certifications in project and test management.

Presentation Description

Gamification and board games are two emergent trends. Both appeal to the human curiousity to explore and discover. Testing is also about exploring and discovering so the game is an excellent medium to learn testing skills.

This speech describes how games can be used in the testing community, using three concrete examples that the author has successfully applied in his profession.

• Find the Bug! lets the players analyze a system, identify risk areas and literally find the bug.
• Find the Bug – Agile! lets the players practice test-driven development by creating test cases and execute them.