Testing Fast and Slow – 5458

As testers we are making decisions all of the time
– What should we test?
– What shouldn’t we test?
– Is this worth further investigation?
– Is this defect worth raising?

And we’re also providing information to our teams
– I think this feature…
– This bug should be fixed because of…
– Personally it feels a bit slow/fast/small/big etc

Always with the best of intentions, but sometimes inadvertently creating problems that weren’t there to begin with.

If you stopped to think how exactly you came to that decision your reasoning may not be based on as solid a foundation as you might at first realise.

We are surprisingly susceptible to illusions, circumstantial evidence, duration neglect and stereotypes to name but a few. But worryingly we aren’t even aware of it in others let alone ourselves.

In this talk Jit will show you the flaws in some of our thinking processes and help you make better decisions based on reality rather than what our minds at first offer us.

By understanding how our thinking process works and ultimately the decision we make based off of them you’ll gain an appreciation of how your remembered experiences can vastly differ from your actual experiences.

Using examples of his own life and 14 year testing career he will share insights into his own thinking, the mistakes that he has made along the way, and how our decision making abilities can be influenced by simply inconsequential details.

By the end of this talk attendees will have:
– A better understanding into the psychology of decision making
– How to better spot errors of judgement in their own thinking
– Focus on the actual facts rather than misleading details

This will aid them to provide clear and concise feedback on the products they work on and make them an invaluable source of information for their teams.