Testing in the Pipe

In today’s agile world where DevOps and Continuous Delivery rule the place, we are standing at the threshold to an exciting (new) ecosystem. We have to push boundaries and find hidden trails in order keep the testing flame blazing in the blowing wind of change in the software industry.

The speed of deployment pipelines forces us to search for new approaches in testing. Automation in Testing has thus become extremely popular and powerful in order to give fast repetitive feedback. But how do we combine fast execution times and a extensive coverage in automation with pipelines? Can automation in that kind be valuable and successful? Can it keep up with the ongoing pace of feature development? And finally, who is then implementing and maintaining it?

Having automation in combination with hands-on testing in place, can bring great value to all in the DevOps ecosystem. Testing by the help of pipelines is not magic, it’s having the enthusiasm to experiment, struggle, refocus and finding solutions where we can learn from and finally doing what we care the most: continuously delighting our users.