Testing Meetup Group – From Scratch to Hatch – 5436

“Think globally, act locally”, is the famous saying. Indeed, if you want to achieve change and improvement in your community, the best course of action is to drive change yourself. In this presentation, we would like to share our experience, tips and tricks for starting your local meetup group.
Two years ago, five of us started a local meetup group ShareIT Sarajevo. Our group now has few hundreds of members and the community is still growing every day.
Since the group startup, amazing things happened. We met great people, shared great stories, ideas, and experiences about tools and techniques for solving diverse testing problems. Our team was the winning team of the TeamSTAR competition in 2016. People were inspired to start presenting various topics on our meetups and later they presented these topics at international conferences (including UKSTAR 2017). The change that we started locally had the global impact.
This is a story about our journey with creating the meetup group and we would like to share it with others and inspire them to follow the example.
During the presentation we will answer the following questions:
How to actually start with creating the meetup group? How to identify the testing challenges that testers commonly face at their work? How to identify the common ground for the stories that could be shared with the testers in various other companies? What are the benefits of organizing meetups for both attendees and organizers? How to find sponsors for your meetup events? How to cooperate with others in your core team and inspire them to volunteer?
We will show the audience how they can use their knowledge and expertise for improving their work and making a difference in their local testing communities.