Testing Transformation in the era of IoT – 5408

In the next few years, when more than 20 billion devices will be connected to the Internet, many of us will be IoT testers—in one way or another. Jennifer Bonine explores new areas you will need to address in your testing, new testing skills required in the IoT era, and ideas for how to innovate your technology strategies and processes to account for new vulnerabilities. Jennifer addresses current IoT trends that are taking shape and what you need to do to enhance your testing skills—and even your career. She explores the real game changers—data security, “things” test labs, open APIs, device types, and more—that IoT brings with it, and how testing must adapt and progress to meet these challenges. Innovative technologies, test strategies, and QA processes are critical to IoT now and in the future. Join Jennifer to jump-start your IoT testing transformation now.