James Thomas

James Thomas

Company: Linguamatics

Role in Company: Head of Testing

Country: United Kingdom

Presentation Takeaways

1. Sweat the semantics
2. Explore ideas
3. Stay humble

Speaker Biography

James is one of the founders of Linguamatics, the world leader in innovative natural language-based text mining. Over the years he's had many roles in the company and is currently the test manager, a position in which he strives to provide an environment where his testers have an opportunity to do their best work. He’s on Twitter as @qahiccupps and blogs at Hiccupps (http://qahiccupps.blogspot.co.uk).

Presentation Description

My name is James Thomas, and I’m a semanticoholic.

Elisabeth Hendrickson’s book, Explore It!, contains this definition: “Tested = Checked + Explored”. When I read it, I was fascinated. “What does that mean?”, I asked myself, “what does it /really/ mean?”

This talk will describe the journey I undertook to understand it, and other definitions of testing that I found along the way, and then to come up with a new definition that filled the gaps I saw in the others, without losing the aspects of them that I felt were valid and useful.

Essentially, I formalised what testing is for me. And, now that I have my definition, I can ask myself in any given situation whether my actions are consistent with the way I believe I want to behave.

This session is one of three stories presented by three different people in a storytelling track.