The recipe for making a successful testing practitioner

Out on an endeavour to understand what it takes to progress from an amateur status to an expert level in the world of testing, I have been trying to identify all it takes to become a successful testing practitioner. Here is the recipe I have come up with from my observation so far – apart from the base ingredient of technical competence, this phase of a person’s career needs heaps of effective communication, a generous dash of meticulousness, a sprinkle of leadership, a hint of self awareness and big dollops of confidence. Simmer it on a slow flame of experience for about 10 years and pronto, the successful testing practitioner is ready! To be known as a practitioner is a place every professional aspires to reach irrespective of area of work. It is perhaps a natural instinct to become someone who is respected for their expertise and hence to strive for it. But no matter what drives us to pursue this progression, we can all be sure of one thing – it is not dependent purely on subject matter knowledge. It takes many behavioural aspects to make it to the league of highly seasoned professionals. May be we are born with those attributes or something that we consciously work towards and develop in ourselves? Join me in a session of interactive discussion to come up with the dream list of qualities which make a truly outstanding testing practitioner!