Sue Atkins

Company: Sopra Steria

Role in Company: Senior Test Consultant

Country: United Kingdom

Presentation Takeaways

1. Learn to recongise the co-dependant traits in your relationships
2. Give pointers to help move the relationships more towards synergy and mutual benefit

Speaker Biography

Sue is a highly motivated test consultant having spent the last 25 years evangelising about testing. Her skills include performance testing, usability testing, test training and test process improvement. She has spent the last few years concentrating on bringing new testers into the fold and has recently been appointed chairperson of the Scottish Testing Group.

Presentation Description

This talk is paired with The Psychology of Testing as part of a conversation track on Head Hacking.



It is a strange dance that testers are locked into – for as long as there have been developers (and not just of code) there have been testers, however sometimes that relationship is not as equal as it should be! If you find that you have a tendency to do more than your fair share (‘over the fence’ syndrome), if you keep quiet to avoid arguments, if you find it difficult to stand up for your views and be a respected member of the team then you may find this talk useful.

This short presentation looks at the relationship between testers and developers from a psychological point of view and hopes to help move that relationship towards synergy and harmony.