Joep Lobee

Company: Ventus Test Professionals

Role in Company: Test consultant

Country: Netherlands

Presentation Takeaways

1. Sometimes things just work out
2. Testing is awesome, probably the best job in the world
3. I was one lucky guy

Speaker Biography

Joep Lobée is an experienced testers who has been working as a test consultant since 1997. He has worked on numerous projects, both in the Netherlands and abroad, in a variety of testing roles in industries ranging from Media and Entertain-ment to banking, Service providers and off-shore industry. He is an accomplished speaker who has spoken on several large conferences, for example: he has spoken on the Eurostar conference on several occasions , The Dutch Testing Conference and the ESRI GIS conference. He thoroughly en-joys giving presentations and loves the opportunity to interact with other testers and exchange ideas.

Presentation Description

In this story I will tell how I went from a degree in Molecular Biology to software testing.

I quite literally was dropped into testing and it really turned my life around. In one week I went from “meh, let’s give this IT-thing a try and see what happens” to “ Wow, this is the job for me”. I found testing to be THE job for me and I haven’t looked back since.

In my story I will tell why I fell in love with testing, how it turned out to be better, much better than Molecular Biology and why, after all this time, it still keeps me fascinated.

Over a period of 20 years I have seen testing grow from “why do we need these guys, the developers test their own stuff” via “Ok, management says it needs to be tested so let them a go” to an integral part of software development.

This session is one of three stories presented by three different people in a storytelling track.