The waiting game – How to design reliable Selenium tests

The biggest issue when it comes to Selenium tests is attempting to interact with the page elements when they are not ready. Trying to click an element before it is available, trying to select a value from a dropdown when it is not yet populated, checking an element attribute before it is available – these are some of the most common reasons for failures when it comes to Selenium tests.
Such issues can be avoided by using the WebDriverWait Java class to redesign the way you interact with your page. In this talk i will show you how to get from click to click and wait, from select a dropdown value to wait and select, and so on.
I will show you how to replace your standard Selenium commands, like click, with customised waits that you can write to adapt to your test environment conditions. I will show you how to rethink your page interactions from a waiting perspective. And, as an added bonus, how you can replace some of the assertions you write with corresponding wait methods.