Three little pigs and test automation

Once I created a JIRA task to the developer’s team in my new project to include code coverage. The JIRA task was postponed from one sprint to the next for a long period. When the task finally was assigned to one of the developers. He still didn’t see the point of doing the task and commented back with a fairytale:
“There was once an old, tired and rich wolf. The wolf wanted to obtain food like the old days, but to save energy, he hired a fox. The fox should test the three little pigs houses, to evaluate which house was easiest to break into. The fox the wolf had rented, had a test certification…” This is just the start of the fairytale.
At last, he did complete the task and we did get a result. It was low, very low.. I will present what we did to get a happy ending to our fairytale 🙂