Toolbox for creating a pool of Technical Testers

Transforming the operation from waterfall to agile requires moving through some basic steps and building the right capabilities. A new pool of resources needed to be created: The Technical Tester. This talk will discuss the basic steps and capabilities needed to go agile at the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration. These include test automation, build pipelines, synthetic data, service virtualization, kanban processes etc. The right capabilities, the competencies, and mind set imperative for this transformation was defined as we gained experience, and to speed things up, that became our new standard. Resources were selected to train and to qualify for the role of Technical Tester through a case based interview, a selv assessment tool and techniques for identifying the most relevant soft skills. This will be described in detail. The talk will also present the “thesaurus” for building the relevant skills, including loads of URL links, and how the training program was executed.