UI testing by using Serenity BDD – 5448

The aim of our presentation is to introduce Serenity BDD for Auto QA Engineers.
We will explain different challenges that they must overcome to have a successful test team in the Agile environment.
Our presentation is organized in a way so that the following questions are answered.
– What is Serenity BDD?
– How to build a project by using Serenity BDD?
– How to run tests by using Serenity BDD?

Topics that will be covered::
– What is BDD
– Introduction to Serenity BDD
– Handling test suites
– How to build project in Serenity
– How to sort project-related things out
– What should you have in mind to keep development of test scripts going
– What to be aware of during the development of test scripts
– Details on Serenity BDD test execution