Unleash your firestarters to deal with the future

The future for testing, how it’s done, who it’s done by, is not known. Regardless what people tell you, it’s simply their opinions
One thing that is certain, is we can’t be a ‘Dolly Parton’ and just rock up and do a 9 to 5, and expect to even exist in the future. WE need to be firestarters
As testers. testing communities,, we need to go on the front foot. We cannot wait to be ‘done to’. we need to shape the future of testing
How do we do that with our own test teams. As a tester in a testing community within a company, what can you do, how do you become resilient
Self-development is key to who will be tomorrow, next year, and in a time where we may not have a choice
Self-development puts you on the front foot, it builds confidence, purpose, and adaptability
There are things you can take control of, there are simple, small things you can do in and out of work, which will change your mind-set.
I will take you on my own journey, with a few stories thrown in to bring to life how simple this can be, and the impacts it can have, and how it becomes infectious