Using Service Virtualization in Service Level Testing

This workshop will teach the audience how to approach the service level testing in the complex platform environment.

In today’s world, there are no simple standalone services. Everything is interconnected and dependent from various providers. After working for many years in the airline, finance and gaming industries, we know that the end-to-end testing might be very challenging.

Imagine that you need to test a travel management system. When you want to search for free seats on a flight, there is no guarantee that there will be a flight available on your chosen date to your chosen destination. Moreover, finding free seats on every request is almost impossible.

At the workshop, we will show the best approach to service level testing, pros and cons for the service level and UI test automation and explain how to use them both. We will show you how to overcome dependencies from unreliable and unstable providers that can block your testing.

At our workshop we will show:

How to create simple service level tests by using Postman (or SoapUI)
For this task, we will use the simple flight search test service that will be running in the cloud.

How to use service virtualization to remove dependencies from 3rd party providers in your testing
We will use our service virtualization service that will be also running in the cloud.

Everything used in this workshop will be open-source and free for use. The audience will be able to understand the background of the Service level testing and will be encouraged to build their own systems, regardless of the platform where they are testing for their own projects.

Please note that I will be joined by my colleague Luka Zadel for this workshop.Luka_Zadel