What new skills does the modern tester need? Will old skills remain useful?

In this conversation track Eveline will start with painting a cultural perspective of changes in the testing profession. Recent organizational changes such as DevOps and Agile, as well as new requirements for continuous (automated) testing are heavily impacting the job of the modern tester.
Rik will dive into the new skills testers will need when they need to test intelligent machines (such as robots and chatbots) and how they can use artificial intelligence to support them in their daily work.
What are the team dynamics in today’s swift-moving testing teams? Will a product risk analysis still be done in this new digital age? What quality characteristics will be relevant for intelligent machines?
Based on this introduction the audience will have a conversation about whether the modern tester is a complete new person that does things completely differently from before, using all sorts of tools and AI-support. Or will the good old testing knowledge still be applicable. How may this blend together to serve the modern tester in the efforts to assure quality in ever-shortening timeframes?