Bas Dijkstra

Company: Freelance Consultant

Role in Company: Test Automation

Country: Netherlands

Speaker Biography

Bas is an independent professional who takes pride in helping teams and organizations improve their testing efforts through smart application of tools. Bas is also a trainer on various subjects related to testing and automation. Bas lives in the Netherlands with his wife and two sons and when he is not working he likes to run or to read a good book (particularly British detective novels). You can contact him at [email protected], on LinkedIn or via Twitter @_basdijkstra.

Presentation Description

Throughout my career in testing and automation, I’ve seen (and created!) a lot of horribly ineffective automation ‘solutions’. I am slowly learning to do better, but I still see a lot of engineers, teams and even entire organizations that are spending a lot of time and effort on automation that fails to deliver on its promises.

In this talk, I’ll share with you what I think is the key to doing better when it comes to automation. To better supporting our testing efforts with automation. To teaching people about automation in a more sustainable and future-proof manner.

Are you wondering what that key looks like? I think it all starts with the ‘why?’…