Why we need to put a lot of effort into documenting business processes

Acquiring and implementing new IT solutions is largely about changing or adapting your organization’s work processes to the new solutions. Having been a Test manager for several public receiving projects over the past few years it has struck me how poorly prepared receiving organizations have been on just this.
When the system was to be tested, this was made quite clear to the rest of the project. The most serious shortcomings were that the work processes were too poorly described as the basis for testing. At the same time test resources who were experts in domain were lacking basic competence in the system to be implemented.
I will during the presentation show the participants how we with a clear but simple test strategy and plan conducted a successful test process in 2 of these projects. When the test basis was poor, the work processes had to be adopted to new technology and the competence of the new system was low, it was extra important to consider how the test manager could give the customer the best value possible. I want to show the participants examples from the way the test process contributed to successful implementations in these projects, despite all the challenges, often by using different methods of motivation and customized test frameworks.