Why we will never have world peace until we consistently recruit good testers – 5445

By understanding a tiny bit of neuroscience with a peppering of psychology we will look at how we can, and why we have a responsibility to, recruit the right person for every role.

On the way, we will have a stab at answering “What is the meaning of life”, understand our own personality type and learn how to understand and accept the people around us.

Most of us are aware that we have a left side of our brain and a right side of our brain and some of us are aware that the left side controls our creativity and emotions while the right side controls our logical thoughts. Some people might even know which side of their brain they use more often.
But did you know that the brain can actually be split into quartiles with the frontal and posterior areas playing a major role as well. Not only that but each of us are born with a ‘preference’ for one of these quartiles and have neurons firing much more frequently in that area which has a significant effect on how we think, behave and even the clothes that we wear.

During this session we will try to figure out which quartile of the brain we each like to use the most. We will have some fun identifying differences and similarities between the preferences of the people in the room. We will explore the neuroscience and psychology theory behind this and see how we can use our new found knowledge to recruit and build the dream team by identifying the preferences of those around us.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could help our teams thrive in their role so that everyone is happy, maximising their potential and performing to their best of their ability?