Will we still call it testing in 2030?

“Testing is changing”, saying this is already a cliche!
But many testers and managers are actually missing the pace this is happening and the direction the movement is taking.

The facts are already here in front of our eyes. We see test teams being dissolved and testers inserted into Agile teams, to work more closely with their developers. Testers are now formally taking on roles in release management, live application monitoring, and agile teams leadership. And if this was not enough, it is not uncommon to see organizations where “formal testers” are not even recruited in the first place.

All these are not isolated events, I believe they are part of a major evolution/revolution changing the face of the testing industry. And we have 5 years of surveys with over 5000 respondents confirming these findings.

The objective of this presentation is to explore the data found in the State of Testing surveys, to sketch the path we are taking as a Testing Profession towards our future.