Would you like to be a Supertester?

Working as a test automation engineer and a team lead for 12 years, I have crossed paths with a lot of testers. I noted that, despite completing successfully their testing tasks, only a small number of testers grow into what I would consider the Supertester. So, what it really takes to earn this prestigious title? To start with, the Supertester makes a difference! The difference is achieved by doing much more than just finishing your testing tasks. Curiosity, adaptability, seeing the bigger picture and willingness to learn new things are just some of the characteristics that can guide in your quest for becoming a Supertester. To summarize, using every opportunity to grow professionally.
A lot of people, for some reason, often do what they are told to and not much more than that. They don’t seem to have an energy or will to do something extra. But, is it really enough in today’s dynamic world of software development? In this presentation, I will share with you what I consider helpful for achieving in the testing profession. Are you interested in not only finding more bugs but preventing bugs as well? You think that your energy can contribute to every team? Then let’s explore this journey together.